challenges for the future

The regeneration of Fatima Mansions is testament to the vision of a local authority to work in a new radical form of partnership with residents and the public and private sectors to deliver an innovative model of urban renewal. It also reflects the determination of a community to strive to get what it needs to secure the future of its residents.

While this process has not been without its challenges, it has shown what can be achieved through a partnership approach where stakeholders are prepared to engage with their counterparts in a spirit of constructive dialogue and compromise.

The recent economic downturn has presented significant challenges to all parties concerned and while the completion of the project reflects an important and historic milestone, there remain considerable threats to the project’s long-term sustainability.

In view of this, the then Fatima Regeneration Board  commissioned and adopted a Successor Strategy, the aim of which was and remains to seek to consolidate the gains which have been made and to ensure that the regenerated community can continue to grow and thrive over the longer term. This Successor Strategy contains a range of features, including several innovative measures to generate revenue streams to sustain facilities and programmes:

• The winding down of the Fatima Regeneration Board and the establishment of a new Board structure to ensure the long-term sustainability of the regeneration

• The implementation of the Fatima Regeneration Board’s Five Year Enterprise Strategy to promote economic development

• The management of the Community Centre and associated facilities

• The management of twelve apartments being granted in part-fulfilment of the Social Regeneration Plan dividend as a means of generating long-term income

• The creation of a Charitable Trust to channel the surpluses from revenue generated through enterprise and related activities into social programmes

• The continued roll-out of innovative social programmes to identified need

• The promotion of social integration and cohesion between the existing and new residents living in the new scheme and with the wider Rialto area.