rialto residents forum

Images from the Rialto Residents Forum Environment Group

Background to the Rialto Residents Forum
The proposal to establish a Rialto Residents Forum is a joint initiative of the F2 Centre & Enterprise Management Board and the Rialto Youth Project (based in St. Andrew’s Community Centre on the South Circular Road).

Both organisations are interested in the idea of establishing a Rialto-wide structure within which to bring together the various residents groups which are active in the wider Rialto area in order to address issues of common concern in the community.

There is also a role for a representative of the Forum to participate on the F2 Centre and Enterprise Management Board. The F2 Board is particularly keen to integrate the new Herberton development (which replaced the old Fatima Mansions flat complex) into the wider area and views the Forum as playing a valuable role in this process.

Representatives of the Reuben Street Residents Association (now known as the Back of the Pipes Residents Association), the Rialto Residents Association and the Four Terraces Residents Association (taking in the Clarke’s Terrace / Mallin Avenue area), together with residents living in the New Ireland Road area and linked with the Rialto Environment Group, have met over the last few months to discuss what the role of the Forum might be.

It was agreed that rather than having another ‘talking shop’, the Forum should aim to do practical things that would be of common interest to people living in the area. Accordingly, the first event which took place was a talk by Eric Dempsey on the Birds of Ireland on 30th November, which was organised by Helen Burke.

The Rialto Open Day which took place on 6th April this year was a follow-up initiative. Both of these events were very successful and well attended and show the potential for this approach.

At the last meeting of the Committee which has been convened to establish the Forum, which took place on the 19th April, there was discussion about what the next steps should be. It was agreed that we should continue to focus on a number of practical events linked to the following themes:

1. The Environment
It was agreed that a clean-up of the area would take place on Saturday 30th April. Ten volunteers met for an hour to clean up the area around the Rialto Bridge. At a discussion afterwards, it was agreed to follow-up with a renewal of the planters in the village which took place on 10th May at 7.00pm.

An application will also be submitted to the Dulux Colour your Community initiative to paint the walls in the vicinity of the old play area / portacabin compound on Reuben Street, where it is planned to establish a small community garden. For further information, please contact Helen Burke (helen.burke@dublincity.ie).

2. Information Evenings
In view of the fact that a number of national referenda are planned as part of the new programme for government, it was agreed that it would be good to arrange a number of information evenings to which speakers would be provided and residents would have an opportunity to obtain more information and engage more deeply with the issues involved. More information will be provided on this when dates for the referenda are annouced, (presumed to be early autumn).

3. Anti-Social Behaviour
A common concern among residents living across Rialto continues to be issues connected to anti-social behaviour. It was acknowledged that the various residents groups discuss these matters at their regular monthly meetings. It was agreed, therefore, that rather than replicate this discussion that a special meeting would be devoted to this subject towards the end of the year, which would be led by the Rialto Community Network and which would focus on the specific role of the recently established Canal Communities Policing Forum. Further information will again be provided in relation to this closer to the time.