New Two Day (Saturdays) courses! Introduction to Photography, Introduction to Photoshop, Create your own Website and Introduction to Computers, E-Cert Certificate. Just €100 for two days! Click here or on the flyers above to read more!

Courses range from short, one and a half hour sessions over a couple of weeks to two-hour sessions over many weeks. Courses are run in most cases during the day and evening.

Below is a sample of the course that have been offered to the Community:


The project normally charges a small fee to cover the running costs of programmes.

Beginners Computers:

There are a wide variety of courses available under this heading, for example: Learn how to turn on the computer Basic Keyboard Skills Email & Internet or Simply learn the bits you need to know!

Fetac Modules:

Basic Computer Skills under Modules 1 to 3 are available. 
 Please see theFetac website to view these modules.

Digital Literacy:

This course covers the basic computer skills like using the mouse, keyboard, Mircosoft Word and Email. Students have the option to complete a small test online if they wish and on successful completion they will receive a Microsoft certificate printed after the test.

Digital Photography:

Learn the basics of using a Digital camera, printing your photographs and sharing them with family and friends through the Internet/Email

Comic Life:

Using photographs, drawings or other types of images you will learn how to drag and drop images into Comic Strips to create your own comic. A Novel and fun way to learn technology.

Comic Life:

Bring your photos to life using this innovative animation package..

Photoshop CS4:

This course will teach you how to work with and improve images, both digital and printed photos using the worlds foremost graphic programme.

Design your own Website:

Design and build your own website using freely available Internet resources. (This website was designed during this course)